Raya Belinsky
Balance Coach
Raya Belinsky
Balance Coach

I am a Coach. Coach, not a psychologist. I train you how to use our memory and brain, how to expand our perception. It's changing our behaviour, it's changing how we see things. I am doing a lot of things contributing others to change them 1. Leadership and Communication coach in startups and big organizations - I help you see how our brain and our memory color and filteraze our perception. The way we communicate is the same we see the world. The way we lead people is the same how we see each one and everyone as a partner to each of your games or competitor. 2. I am Career coach, I am helping people to build their new career, change position, build strategy to change career, help with CV, Cover Letter, interview simulations. Women and businesswomen, in particular, are conditioned to do life from an overly pronounced masculine focus. 3. Femininity Programm Developer. The status of women was not dramatically changed Masculine traits: Dominant, Strong , Independent , Assertive, Brave. Feminine traits: Innovative, Emotional, Collaborative, Nurturing, Vulnerable, Caring, Humble. “A complete human being is in equilibrium, between masculine and the feminine”. Sadhguru. I help women discover their balance of femininity and masculinity

Areas of Expertise: Business Consulting
Languages: English, Hebrew, Russian
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Group of two women and one coach "Feminine and Masculine balance"
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Course of 8 meetings