NuReveal Yoga
NuReveal Yoga
Managed By - Luna Phoenix
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To enhance the union of the spiritual, emotional, and physical plane in a naturist state using an unmasking ceremony which uses the removal of clothing as a symbol of the removal of the "masks" we place on ourselves to perform our daily duties in society or in a clothed state. We may specialize in the naturist format but we wish to provide healing in different ways to everyone through different fitness modalities using different techniques in whatever form of clothing or disrobing they feel comfortable. Clothing Optional Classes (Nagna) are offered weekly online but all participants must certify that they are 18+ offline and pass a pre-screening interview with me before signing up for a Nagna class via You may purchase/rent Nagna Classes on Vimeo on Demand via Vimeo. We offer also Clothed Chair fitness and yoga weekly. You may sign up for Clothed Classes here. Clothed classes will be available for VOD here soon but you may view past years on Vimeo.

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