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Inbar Cooks Italian
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Friday, 16 Apr
סדנת פסטה ללא ביצים -Eggless pasta workshop
Inbar Bodner

We will meet for about one and a half hours in which I will teach you how to make eggless pasta From basic materials like flour and water, without the addition of eggs.
No prior knowledge or special equipment is required, and without a pasta machine.

We will learn to produce pasta forms typical for South Italy, We will
Bake the pasta in the oven with a classic tomato sauce and cheeses, a typical classic dish.
At the meeting you will receive all the tools and tips to make pasta at home on your own.

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Looking for a fun, quality, interactive way to keep yourself and the kids busy after a long period of sitting at home during such a strange time in our history? Why don’t you join me on a little tour- where I bring the smells, colors, and flavors of my kitchen in Campania, Italy to yours! From our daily menu, you’ll learn to make the following dishes: Monday- Eggless Pasta Thursday- Parmigiana di Melanzane Friday- Tiramisu The workshop will be interactive We will start with an introduction and then cook together. I will teach you all the recipes from scratch as you learn the most helpful tips and tricks become a master in the kitchen.

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