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Red Thai Curry + Thai Iced Tea
Wednesday, Jul 07, 2021 12:00 AM
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Join us as we learn the ins and outs of Red Thai Curry. We'll go through each ingredient and preparation of a paste. The curry paste guide will be given to you to try making it on your own at home, apart from class time. Due to the time that it takes to make curry paste, we will not be using fresh curry paste unless this is something you'd like to make beforehand. Learning the ingredients and how to make this paste will help you to learn how these flavors develop and how you can adjust your dish to personal preference. We will be using store bought paste: Mae Ploy or Arroy-D brand of Red Curry Paste. This dish should be served with fresh steamed rice (jasmine or other rice preference). A delicious TIP, is to purchase french baguette (our favorite is from Fred Meyers) and toast, to dip in your curry after. This is by far one of my favorite ways of enjoying red curry. This dish is also great with Japanese Somen noodles. We will also be making Thai Iced Tea. A great drink choice for the upcoming spring/summer time. Recommended kitchen utensils: - If you choose to make your own curry paste, a STONE mortar and pestle is highly recommended. - Sauce pan/wok for curry. - Fine metal strainer or sieve (thai tea stains cheesecloth unless you don't mind using it). Dietary restrictions: - All curry pastes contain shrimp paste, it's what gives this dish its delicious umami-ness. You can find curry paste in your local Marlene's Market & Deli or Whole Foods that are without shrimp paste if you are vegetarian/vegan. - All Thai Curries are seasoning with fish sauce. This can be replaced with vegan fish sauce (although I have never tried it myself). Fish sauce is important in this dish. - Feel free to substitute protein or vegetables to your own choosing.


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Meet your expert

Julia Bang, native to Tacoma, WA, began EAsT Kitchen in 2019. As a daughter of Cambodian-Chinese immigrants who escaped the Khmer Rouge genocide, food tells a story of her diverse childhood roots. She teaches private/public workshops and classes that emphasize Southeast Asian Cuisine (Thai, Cambodian, and Vietnamese), Chinese, and Korean. I believe food is a love language and I enjoy sharing good food. Food is tradition, laughter, and memories. The Chinese characters in our logo are bu pa, fearless. They are a self reminder as to why I started. In a moment where I was struggling internally and contemplating life, on what seemed like another day, a question popped into my head: “what would your life look like right now without fear?” I instantly answered without thinking, “not like this.” And that shocked me. Instantly, I felt all of my fear go away and this heavy weight just being lifted off of my shoulders. For years I’ve had my amazing community encourage me to start but fear paralyzed me. It’s in that moment I was filled with so much gratitude and thought to myself, “this can happen.” It’s this faith, this moment, my family/community and the students that keep me going. SE & E Asian cuisine seems so foreign and difficult for some people and that's why I wanted to start EAsT, to debunk that with them. Join me for a virtual lesson! For more information, visit us at EAsTKitchenwa.com.

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